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Astrology Horoscope Forecast For Today, May 20, 2018 For Each Zodiac Sign

Make the time and make you a priority.  Libra, this month, you'll be going places and you won't want to let things get too disorderly when there's so much to manage in your increasingly busy schedule. If you haven't ever color coded your planner (online or not) you may want to, and use colors that make you feel good about what you're doing. Bright hues and brilliant, bold statements that pop off the page or simply bring joy into your life are essential this month starting today. Scorpio, a little pampering will help you get clear about your goals for love, life, and the journey you're taking right now. You may simply want time to think about all that's going on and what better way to do that than to feel good and enjoy yourself a bit today. Visit a bookstore or curl up on the couch and skim through a favorite online magazine learning about astrology or something that interests you.  Sagittarius, something good to improve your life could come by way of a blessing that a friend or partner receives. This could be money or maybe even a nice gift that can be shared and enjoyed for two. If you've needed a reason to focus on relaxing and feeling well-rested or just more energized, treat yourself to things that are good for your body like a fresh smoothy or plan out your diet in preparation for summer.  Capricorn, have fun and enjoy yourself today by getting into the fresh air. Maybe a stroll around the park or a trip to the mall will be more enjoyable for you. You might decide to take advantage of the paint sales or home decor style changes to help you bring new life into your home and room just to refresh things a bit.

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